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Our Global Services

  Internet Telex
Send telexes as easily as e-mail
  Internet Fax
Send faxes as easily as e-mail
  Ocean Graphical Fax
Reliable, high-quality fax service to and from ships

For more information or to begin global communications contact:

Phil Garrett
tel: 713-463-8037
Fax: 815-301-8150

Active in 60 countries with over 30 years' experience providing global telecommunications.

We provide a comprehensive range of messaging products and services. Our network handles international delivery of fax, electronic mail and telex. You may access our services from a wide range of hardware including computers (ranging from PCs to mainframes), telex, teletex, and DDD terminals.

EasyLink is a leading supplier of communications to the maritime community. With over 27 years' of experience in international satellite communications, EasyLink currently delivers e-mail, fax, voice, telex and forms processing messages to more than 3,000 maritime customers and we are committed to providing the highest standards of support.

Our continuing programme of technical development gives our customers access to the best in maritime communications, based on a range of established and newly emerging technologies. OCEAN-Connect combines the strengths of EasyLink's network, transaction delivery services and software with the satellite-based services from leading mobile satellite service providers. EasyLink has also teamed up with Telaurus to further extend our maritime service offering. Our maritime services offer ship-board and shore-side users the best in maritime communications.

Our shore-to-ship satellite communications include specialised delivery channels for Inmarsat telex (A, B and C). With network links to major land earth stations (LESs), we offer quick, reliable message delivery with comprehensive and accurate status information. Wherever your vessels sail, superior communications between ship and shore are easy to achieve using our OCEAN-Connect services.

Our Messaging Services are specifically designed to provide a full end-to-end, ship to shore communications solution via Stratos, Inmarsat satellite and our own reliable terrestrial network.

Many of our services use your existing PC and do not require new software. This means no additional training, allowing you to take full advantage of our service immediately upon registration.

As a leader in the messaging solutions market, we have launched a number of new services to meet the data messaging requirements of the 21st Century. Our global strategy and emphasis on customer service ensures that our customers enjoy, and will continue to enjoy exemplary service and quality at competitive rates.

Our commitment to provide comprehensive global messaging products and services means that where ever you are or whatever your messaging needs are, we should be your local partner for global communications and solutions for North and South America.

Check out our Global Services links to learn more detail about our global messaging solutions for Internet Telex, Internet Fax, and Ocean Connect Graphical Fax.

Our Company

Easylink is a multinational company with over 125 years' experience in telecommunications.

Easylink has provided internal communications products and services through its associated companies for over 25 years.

Our Representative

Phil Garrett, your North and South America Sales Representative, has multi-national credentials:

14 years Chartering Manager for an International Major Independent Oil Company.

6 years as the Owner's Representative for an one of the world's largest shipholding groups.

7 years International Telecommunications business management for GN Comtext and Easylink.

contact Phil Garrett

For more information or to begin global communications contact:

Phil Garrett
tel: 713-463-8037
Fax: 815-301-8150

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